Autify Connect Overview
  • 18 Jul 2023
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Autify Connect Overview

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⚠︎ Autify Connect is available on particular plans. For details, please confirm this page.

What is Autify Connect?

Autify Connect provides functionality that establishes a secure tunnel between your local machine and Autify so that it’s possible to access your private application under test from Autify. This will make it possible to run Autify tests against your private web applications which cannot be accessed directly from the Internet - such as internal web systems, closed test environments, and even applications under development running on local PCs!

Please note that Autify Connect does not provide the following capabilities:

❌ A local test execution system that runs within your own environment
❌ A service that allows storing assets (such as test scenarios, test results) in your local environment

You might also find our FAQ useful.

Supported execution environments

Autify Connect is available in each of your execution environments. However, there is a limitation that https requests to ports other than port 443 cannot be made from external device farm environment.

Parallel execution

Autify Connect supports parallel execution. Even for applications in private environments, you can use either fast parallel execution or serial execution with a specific order of scenarios!

How Autify Connect works

Test Creation

The scenario to be run using Autify Connect can be recorded without the feature in mind. Record your scenario using Autify Recorder just as you create scenarios against public web applications.


However, you will need to have the scenarios in a test plan associated with an Access Point (a relay point for requests associated with Autify Connect Clients launched with unique keys) to run tests using Autify Connect. Run now with Autify Connect is currently not supported.

Test Execution

When you run a test using Autify Connect, you need have Autify Connect Client running on your machine (either a server or a PC) that have both outbound access to the internet and access to your private web application. Autify will be able to access your web application through a tunnnel established between this client and the server.


When you launch Autify Connect Client, you will need an Access Point key issued from the Workspace Settings page.

Instructions for setting up Access Points and installing Autify Connect Client are detailed in the Setup documentation. Before proceeding to that setup, let's review Autify Connect's operating requirements on the next page.

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