How does Autify AI track elements?
  • 22 Nov 2023
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How does Autify AI track elements?

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Article summary

If Autify cannot find an element that exactly matches the element found at the time of recording or the last successful test run ("exact match element"), the AI will look for an alternative element. We call this Autify Maintenance AI or Autify AI.

In addition to general characteristics such as class and id, Autify AI evaluates each element by looking at its wording, position in the DOM tree, and the parent-child relationship, and tracks the element it has determined to be the best match. Thanks to this feature, elements can be found even if their characteristics change, such as when the page is redesigned.
Please note that if the AI determines that a human should verify that the element is correct or not, you will see a Review Needed flag.

We are improving Autify AI's functionality every day. Watch this space!

AI Element Search

Autify AI searches for elements in the following way:

  1. Wait a certain amount of time (20 seconds by default) for an exact match element to appear.
    (If you want to change the default wait time, please contact us via Autify chat.)
  2. If an exact match element does not appear after waiting for a certain amount of time, Autify AI will start searching.
  3. Autify AI evaluates each element based on its characteristics and selects the element with the highest match.

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