Browser Notifications
  • 12 Mar 2024
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Browser Notifications

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Article summary

Autify allows you to receive browser notifications when a test is finished.
Follow the steps below to set this up.

Set up browser notifications


  1. Open your user settings page.

  2. Click the [Enable] button under Browser Notifications.

  3. Check that the current setting is enabled.


  1. When you have a tab where a results page is open (Test Plan Result Page or Test Results By Execution Environment Page), a test completion notification will be sent to the browser.

Test Plan Result Page

Test Results By Execution Environment Page

In the notification settings of the computer terminal you are using, please also check the notification settings of the target browser.

Notification Contents

In the notification, you can see that the test is finished, the scenario name, the test execution start time, the test result number, and the execution environment.


Deleting Browser Notifications

You can delete browser notifications by blocking notifications from Autify from your browser's notification settings.
For details on how to block notifications, please refer to the official website of your browser:
Chrome Browser Help Center (external site)
Edge Browser Help Center (external site)

To set up browser notifications again after deleting, go to the browser's notification settings and re-enable them.
Once set up, the [Enable] button will not appear.

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