Element is not interactive
  • 02 Jul 2024
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Element is not interactive

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Article summary

If Autify is unable to interact with an element it finds during a test run, the following message will appear in the test result.


In this article, you will find the causes of this error and how to handle them.

Element is inactive

Often, an element becomes active when a certain action is performed (this is often the case with form input, for example). The error occurs when the action that activates the element is missing and the action, such as text input, is performed while the element is inactive.

Please edit the scenario so that the element becomes active and re-run the test.

Autify grabbed an element that is not displayed on the screen

Even if an element isn't visible on the screen, Autify will grab it as long as it exists inside the HTML. Therefore, even if the target element is visible on the screen, if there's an element with similar characteristics inside the HTML, Autify may grab the wrong element.

Define the Locator so that it grabs the correct element displayed on the screen, and re-run the test.

There is an unexpected pop-up window or modal on the screen

The error can occur if the target element is hidden by a pop-up window or modal that you forgot to close, or that was not closed (or accidentally opened).

Please add a step that closes the pop-up window or modal and re-run the test.

There is no hover step

When interacting with an element that appears on mouseover, the element will not appear on the screen unless you add a hover step. The error may occur if you try to interact with the element while it's not displayed on the screen.

If this is the case, see Actions on elements that appear on mouseover result in Fail or Review Needed.

The CSS selector / XPath specified in the locator is incorrect

In some cases, Autify may not be able to perform a step that involves an element selected using a locator.

A text input step requires the target element to be an element that allows input (input element or a textarea element, for example). However, if the locator selects an element that does not allow input, such as the div element above the input element, Autify will not be able to perform the input, resulting in this error.

Look at the screenshot below. If we want to use a locator in an input step that enters text into the search box, we need to enter the CSS selector/XPath for the input element (shown in red). However, the error would occur if we incorrectly specify the div element above it (div.search-form, shown in blue).


The CSS selector should point to the input element, which is below the div element:

div.search-form input

Please check that the value set in the locator is correct.

If you are still having trouble...

Please contact us. We will work with you to resolve this issue.

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