Frequently Asked Questions about Autify's Free Trial
  • 22 May 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions about Autify's Free Trial

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※ Please note that parts of this page are machine translated.

During the trial period

Can I check when the trial period will end?

Yes, you can check when your trial period will end by going to [Settings] > [Organization Settings] > [End date of your free trial].
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Which execution environments are available during the trial period?

Execution environments available during the trial period are as follows:

  • Chrome/Linux
  • Edge/Windows Server
  • Mobile emulator (a simple environment using the Device Mode of Chrome DevTools)

For more information about execution environments, refer to the following documents:

Does the trial period include weekends and holidays?

Yes, the trial period includes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

After the trial period ends

Are any features still available after the trial period ends?

Once the trial period ends, you will no longer be able to run tests. However, you can still do things other than test execution (such as viewing and creating scenarios), so please use them as needed. Test results can still be viewed, subject to the retention period.

If I sign up for the paid version after the trial period ends, can I use scenarios created during the trial?

Workspaces you create during the trial will be available when you sign up for a paid contract.
Therefore, you can continue to create, edit, and view scenarios and test results in the same Workspace.

How to sign up for a paid contract

To sign up for a paid plan, contact Autify's Sales team or fill out the Contact form.

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