Important Points
  • 30 May 2024
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Important Points

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※ Please note that parts of this page are machine translated.

Important points when creating [Scenarios]

  • Autify creates a new environment for each test execution, and the environment is deleted when the test is completed. You cannot transfer cache, cookies, etc. to another test, but you can configure them using a [JS Step].
  • For a stable parallel execution, please create a [Scenario] that can be executed repeatedly.
    For example, in a [Scenario] for checking whether user registration can be done successfully, it may fail if the [Scenario] only includes user registration. This is because the user ID/email address was registered in a previous test.
    • In this case, there are two possible solutions:
      • Make sure that the user ID/email address is a unique value each time.
      • Record steps to delete the registered user's account in the [Scenario]. This way, no user account is registered to that user ID/email address each time the test is executed.

Important points when contacting us

  • We can provide support for [Scenarios] with up to 200 steps. For [Scenarios] with over 200 steps, we may refuse to investigate why the test failed.
  • If you would like to contact us about a failed test, please do so from the [Get Support] button in the error details section at the top of the screen. This will send us the information necessary to investigate the issue, and the investigation process will be smoother. Please do not use the Contact Us button at the bottom right.

Response Status for Frequently Contacted Operations

ItemResponse statusNotes
ENTER key inputSupported・Only the <input> element is supported.
・The <textarea> element is designed to accept strings with line breaks, so pressing the Enter key within the <textarea> is not recorded as a separate step in the recording process; it is assumed to be part of the input string.
・Since the iOS real device is not supported, please address this by using button clicks or a JS step as a substitute for the Enter key.
・Please refer to here for information on how to simulate pressing the ENTER key using a JS step.
ESC key inputUnsupported
Passing automated access detection systems such as reCAPTCHA and puzzle authenticationUnsupported・There may be a debug mode available.
・Autify cannot answer questions about authentication systems, so please check the specifications of the authentication system you are using.
・To allow Autify access, you will need to make changes on the website under test - for example, make it so that Google Authentication is not required for Autify.
・You can read more about reCAPTCHA here.
Operating and testing in iframeSupported・Operations on elements within nested iframes cannot be recorded.
・Testing for elements in cross-origin iframes is not supported in the real iOS environment.
・If a CORS error occurs when obtaining an element in an iframe by a JS step, the element cannot be obtained or manipulated by a JS step.
Operating and testing in frameUnsupported
Operating and testing Shadow DOM elementsPartially SupportedIt is only possible if the mode option is open. Autify may not be able to test shadowRoots in a closed state.
Operating and testing in CanvasUnsupported
Operating and testing in SVGPartially SupportedCurrently, recording actions taken on an SVG element will result in the parent element of the SVG element being recorded; adding locators and assertions on SVG elements and their child elements are supported.
Operating and testing in FlashUnsupported
Operating on xhtml pagesUnsupported
Operating and testing on Flutter for WebUnsupportedCurrently, HTML Renderer and CanvasKit are not supported.
Asserting the wording of alerts displayed by browsersUnsupportedYou can validate alert-like DOM elements within websites.
Operations in dialogs displayed by browsersUnsupportedActions on alert-like DOM elements within websites are handled correctly.
Back, forward, and reload operations in browsersPartially SupportedPlease use a JS Step
Resizing and moving the browser windowUnsupported
Switching tabsSupportedThere are some notes to keep in mind. For details, please refer to the notes on the Steps to open and switch windows.
Selecting an option of a select element by its valueUnsupportedThe value enclosed in the option tag (<option>this value</option>) is used as the key. For more details, see Select a value from a list.
Right-clickPartially SupportedPlease use a JS Step
Double clickPartially SupportedPlease use a JS Step
Long tapUnsupported
Drag and dropUnsupported
Uploading files by drag and dropUnsupported
Downloading filesUnsupportedFor more details, see Can I test file downloads?.
Clicking while holding Ctrl or AltUnsupportedCurrently, this is recorded as a regular click.
Operating video elementsPartially SupportedYou cannot record this operation. Please use a JS Step.
Testing using location informationUnsupported
Testing of QR code readingUnsupported
Testing voice inputUnsupported
Testing Chrome extensionsUnsupported
Testing Google Developer ToolsUnsupported
Custom HTTP headersUnsupported
Custom User-AgentUnsupported

※ Please refer to the Autify for Web Product Roadmap for future plans.

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