Quick Element Update
  • 14 Mar 2024
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Quick Element Update

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What is Quick Element Update?

If there's a step in which the intended element was not selected in your test result, Quick Element Update is a feature that allows you to re-select the element from the screenshot of that step, so that the correct element is selected the next time the test is executed. The advantage of Quick Element Update is that you don't have to launch Autify Recorder and replay all preceding steps to update the target step - you can make an update instantly without re-recording.

Quick Element Update can be used when:

  • The test was run in an environment other than Safari on iOS
  • The step has a target element (i.e., Click Element, Text assertions, etc.)
  • The target element you want to select is shown in the screenshot
  • The step does not have a locator (CSS Selector) specified
  • The target element is not inside an iframe
  • The target element is not in Shadow DOM
  • The target element does not have a pointer-events: none; style

You can use Quick Element Update regardless of whether the step itself is marked as passed or failed, making it useful in a variety of situations.

Using Quick Element Update

  1. Open the step in the Test Result Details Page where the intended element was not selected.

  2. Click Update Element button.
    Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 15.26.27.png

  3. You can now interact with the screenshot. Click the element you want to select, and then click Update Selected Element.
    Screen Recording 2022-11-24 at 20.51.27.gif

  4. Close the modal. In the test result, the step will be marked as "Updated".
    Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 11.46.22.png

  5. Run the scenario. If successful, the specified element will be selected in the screenshot.
    Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 14.53.47.png

  • If you update the element using Quick Element Update, the element information of the scenario will be updated too. However, the screenshot of the scenario will not be updated.
  • If you duplicate the scenario after using Quick Element Update, the update will be inherited by the duplicated scenario. However, if you duplicate the scenario before using Quick Element Update, the update will not be inherited by the duplicated scenario.
  • You cannot undo Update Selected Element. If you want to select the element that was originally selected, click Update Selected Element and select the element again in the screenshot.
  • If you update an element of a step within a Step Group, all scenarios that use that Step Group will be affected.
  • If there are a large number of elements on a page, the Update Element button may not appear and may not be available.

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