Release of October 1st, 2021
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of October 1st, 2021

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Article Summary

Released features🚀

Test scenarios can be copied as a Step Group

This feature has been a long time in the making! You can now copy Test Scenarios as a Step Group🎉

From the Scenario Details Page:

From the Scenario List Page:

This feature allows you to copy an existing Test Scenario as a Step Group to reuse later. You can also extract a portion of a Test Scenario as a Step Group.


  • If the Test Scenario starts with executing a Step Group, you cannot copy it. Please replace the first step with a “Display page” step before copying it as a Step Group.
  • If the Test Scenario uses the Data function, Data contents will not be inherited to the copied Step Group. If the copied Step Group includes a Step that uses a Data value, please set the value again.

Test Plan List Page now displays more information

The Test Plan List Page now displays the following information:

  • Execution environment
  • Last run
  • Update
  • Updater

Now you can see which environment the test was run in and when it was run last without opening each Test Plan individually.

Information 👓

As TLS 1.0/1.1 has vulnerabilities, we have removed it from available communication methods for Autify ( to improve security. You can no longer access Autify from older browsers (Chrome 29 and older or IE on Windows XP/Vista).

Other Updates ✨

  • The following browsers have been updated:

  • Chrome: 93.0

  • Edge: 93.0

  • Firefox: 91.0 

  • You can now save Test Scenarios significantly faster in projects that use the Email Testing feature.

  • We’ve also made several other improvements to improve test stability!

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