Adding Scenarios to a Test Plan
  • 01 Dec 2023
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Adding Scenarios to a Test Plan

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Article summary

Clicking the "Edit" button in the Scenarios section will allow you to add whatever scenarios you'd like for your test plan.


The edit screen will open and show "Scenarios in the workspace". Scenarios with no steps will not appear here.
To add a scenario just click the + button next to it and it will be moved to the right hand side.

Adding Scenarios to Test Plan

You can remove scenarios similarly by clicking the x button next the scenario on the right hand side. It will move back to the left.

You will also need to select whether this test plan should run "in parallel" or run "sequential". Running in parallel will run as many test at the same time as you have designated in your contract. Running sequentially will run whichever scenario is marked as "1" first, then "2", etc. These will run 1 at a time. You can also drag and drop these scenarios to reorder them quickly.

Once you are happy with the scenarios in the test plan and how they should run, you can hit "Save" and all of those scenarios will appear in your test plan!

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