Testing various authentication methods
  • 14 Sep 2023
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Testing various authentication methods

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Article summary

When running tests on Autify, your web application is mechanically accessed from a dedicated execution environment, so there are cases where authentication that is possible manually becomes difficult during automated testing, or alternative methods need to be used.

The following are the major authentication methods and testability by Autify.

  • Authentication testable with Autify
  • Authentication testable using the JS Step in Autify in some cases
    • Two-factor authentication using the Authenticator app (2FA)
    • Authentication using API
  • Authentication not testable with Autify
    • Authentication with a mechanism to prevent mechanical access (e.g., Google authentication, authentication with CAPTCHA)
    • Device authentication
    • SMS authentication

Please note that Autify is not able to answer questions about the specific specifications of third-party authentication systems.

Please check the specifications of the authentication system you are using, as some systems can be configured for automated testing only, or can be used in conjunction with IP whitelisting to loosen the authentication method for access from Autify.

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