The test fails on mouse over step
  • 16 Aug 2022
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The test fails on mouse over step

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Article summary

If the "hover over element" (or mouse-over-hover) step fails with an "element not found" error, the target element for recording the step may be incorrect.

Example usage

Drop-down menu

For example, the "Guides" on will not appear unless you hover the mouse pointer over "Resources". If you add a hover step to "Resources," a menu item such as List of Documents will appear when the test is run.
For details on how to add hover-steps, please refer to here.



A "tooltip" is a speech bubble-like UI that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over link text or other elements.
If you want to test an element such as a tooltip that disappears when the mouse is removed from the hover element, display the target element in the JS Step and then test the target element.
Here is a snippet of the JS Step.



Examples of things that can go wrong.

When the parent element is completely hidden by mouseover

In some cases, such as when the element displayed on mouse-over is very large, the parent element may be completely hidden. In this case, the mouse-over step will be recorded for the displayed element. After recording the mouseover step, specify the CSS selector for the parent element.

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