Show by Scenario
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Show by Scenario

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Show your Test Results by Scenario

Test Results Scenarios

Selecting "Scenarios" from the dropdown will show your test results by scenario. The first thing to notice is that test results are displayed by the order in which they were queued. At the right of the page, you can see when the scenario that created the test result was started, finished, and the duration the scenario took to complete.

At the very left, you can see what the name of the scenario you ran is and whether it passed or failed by either a green check mark or a red x. If your scenario needed further review, you will see a review needed flag on the right. More of this in another section.

Each test result will be automatically assigned an id. If the scenario was run from a test plan the test plan name will be shown under the "Test Plan" column. If there is no associated test plan, then the name will just be the scenario name in the test plan column.

What execution environment this Scenario was run in will be displayed underneath the "Execution environment" column.

You can click an individual test result in order to get more detailed information.

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