Input Step
  • 19 Jan 2024
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Input Step

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Article summary

When you enter text in an input field, an Input Step is created.
This action combines clicking the input field and entering a value into a single Input Step, rather than splitting it into separate Click and Input steps.


Depending on factors such as timing during recording, entering text may cause a Click Step and an Input Step to be created, as shown below. If this happens, you can safely delete the Click Step.


The input value can be changed after recording. You can choose from the following input values:

  • Given value
  • Test email address
  • Dummy email address
  • Data
  • Other step's result
  • Variable

For more information, see here.


Points to note
  • In an Input Step, any existing value in the input field is cleared before entering the value.
  • There's no character limit for the input value, but if it has a large number of characters, issues may arise depending on the application's compatibility with Autify. For more information, please read this article.

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