Release notes - February 14th 2024
  • 14 Feb 2024
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Release notes - February 14th 2024

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Article summary

Browser Notification 🔔

Now you can configure Browser Notification from the User Settings page!


When a results page (Test plan result page or Test plan capability result page) tab is open, a browser notification for test completion will be sent.

*You may need to enable browser specific notifications in your computer's notification settings.

2. Other Updates ✨


  • When viewing an ”Open Email With Title's” step details, the user can now edit the "Email Subject" via a newly added input field in the scenario editor.

Environment updates

The following browser versions have been updated:

  • Chrome: 120.0 → 121.0
  • Edge: 120.0 → 121.0
  • Firefox: 121.0 →122.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Random Email being displayed as "Unknown Email Address” in the Input Step when the said input step is placed in a step group.

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