Release of December 22nd, 2021
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of December 22nd, 2021

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Featured Releases 🚀

Steps can now be moved by dragging and dropping, and copied and pasted 🪄

The editing functions on the Scenario Details screen have been greatly expanded, and the following tasks, which previously required time-consuming operations, can now be done easily with intuitive dragging and just a few clicks! You can even select multiple steps and do them all at once 🙌

  • Drag and drop to move steps
  • Copy and paste steps
  • Select and delete multiple steps

To select a step, check the checkbox in the upper left corner of the step. Then you will be able to perform the above operations on the selected steps.

We hope it makes your test scenario editing experience even more pleasant!

Here is a small demo of the feature!

Labels to manage test scenarios and step groups

This is the long-awaited release of the label feature!

You can now classify your test scenarios and step groups by creating labels based on test target, perspective, etc.

List pages with labels

The list of test scenarios and step groups will now be displayed with the applied labels. It is also possible to specify a label from the "Labels list" to narrow down the list to only those to which a specific label has been applied.

Managing labels

In the "Labels list", you can create, edit, and delete labels, and check the number of test scenarios and step groups to which each label is applied.

Applying labels

You can apply a label by clicking "Edit" next to the title of the scenario or step group detail screen.

We are planning to enhance the label function in due course. If you have any suggestions while using it, please send them to us via chat anytime!

Other updates ✨

  • Fixed an issue where API calls were failing with the "Try it now" button in the API documentation. From now on, you can feel free to try the API from the API documentation page, so please use it!
    Autify API
  • Fixed an issue in the data function where the corresponding column would be missing when downloading a CSV containing items with empty values.
  • "Outbound IP addresses from Autify" that is displayed when using Fixed IP address option has been moved from Organization Settings page to Workspace Settings page.
  • We have also made a number of other improvements to make your testing experience more pleasant 🏃‍♂️

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