Release of March 31st
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of March 31st

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Article summary

Hello! It's already the season of blooming cherry blossoms, isn't it?

This month, Autify's mascot character [Hatty] has joined our team✨.

They will be appearing on various screens of Autify from now on, so please take care of them! If you'd like to know more about Hatty, please check out our news release.

Releases 🚀

Enhanced results API ⚡️

Added [review needed] information

The [review needed] information has been added to the results of the results API!

Now you can find the following items in the result:

  • Whether [review needed] steps exist or not in the test plan result
  • The number of [review needed] steps in the test result per scenario

Added test plan information

Test plan information has been added to the results of the results API.
Also, you can now specify the test plan ID to filter the test results to get that of a specific test plan only!

Example of getting test results specifying a test plan ID:

curl -X GET "[project_id]/results?test_plan_id=[test_plan_id]" -H "Authorization: Bearer [personal _access_token]"

For more details, please refer to the API documentation.

Published the status page 🚥

The Autify status page is now live!

This page will be updated whenever there is a problem with Autify or when maintenance is performed. You can also subscribe to receive notifications of updates from [SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES].

The status page can also be accessed from our corporate website and Help Center.

Test execution engine is being revamped 🔧

Autify is currently revamping its test execution engine to improve test execution performance and other improvements. We will be gradually switching to the new test execution engine in the near future.

There will be no apparent change in Autify at a glance, but the new execution engine is expected to reduce the test execution time by 10% to 50% (depending on the scenario)! At the same time, the new architecture is expected to make it easier for us to develop new features in the future.

Other updates ✨

  • Updated browsers.
    • Chrome 88 → 89
    • Firefox: 83 → 85
    • Edge: 86 → 88
    • Safari: 12.1 → 14.0
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
    • Fixed an issue where Hover Step was not performed in local replay
    • Fixed an issue where operations on the recorder would be recorded under certain conditions
    • Improved Stripe form input
    • And many other fixes to make the tests run more stably!

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