Release of October 29th, 2021
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of October 29th, 2021

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Article Summary

Released features🚀

Search feature added to the Test Result List Page

The [Test Results List Page] now has a search feature!🎉

You can search by the [Test Scenario] name when the page displays [Test Scenarios]. Similarly, you can search by the [Test Plan] name when the page displays [Test Plans].
If you have any other suggestions on the search feature, please get in touch via the chat box at the bottom right of the screen.😊

Easily record mobile-sized Test Scenarios

You can record mobile-sized [Test Scenarios] by simply selecting the window size when you start recording. This was previously done by using Chrome’s Developer Tool.

As you can see, this is currently a public Beta feature. You can find out more about public Beta features here!

[Duplicate] button added to the [Test Plan] menu

You may have an existing [Test Plan] that periodically runs several Test Scenarios. Have you ever wanted to run it on a different browser or on a different day of the week?
Now you can! With the new feature that allows you to duplicate Test Plans, you can create multiple [Test Plans] with slightly different settings.

[URL Replacement] settings in a [Test Plan] can now be enforced with APIs

[URL Replacement] in Test Plans is one of the setting items that come in handy when you want to run a [Test Scenario] that you recorded in a test environment in a production environment.

Previously, this item could only be set on the admin page, but with this release, you can set it with an API as well! You can find the API documentation below:

This feature will be helpful in your CI flow, such as when you want to automatically deploy your application to different environments for each function that you develop.
We’ve prepared a document to help you take full advantage of this API, so please check it out!😊

CI/CD with Autify - Run automated tests with an API even in dynamically generated environments

Other Updates✨

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred when updating test result statuses.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Switch Window] step would occasionally switch to an unintended window.
  • Improved how Autify behaves when a registered user is invited.
  • Fixed an issue where the [Unselect From List By Label] step would result in an [Unknown error] if the element was not already selected.
  • We have made several other improvements to ensure that your tests run stably.

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