Release of Sep 10th, 2021
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of Sep 10th, 2021

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Released features🚀

Add "Go to URL" and "Open Window" steps without recording

Previously, you could only add the steps Go to URL and Open Window by recording them. Now, you can add these steps straight from the Test Scenario Details Page! To add these steps, simply click the + button between steps and choose from the menu.

Editing Test Scenarios just got a bit easier🙌

Change the window size in existing Test Scenarios

You can change the size of the window when running tests and recording Test Scenarios from the Test Scenario Details Page! We plan to add more window size options, so stay tuned💪

Note: Changing the window size does not change the size of screenshots that have been already taken while recording Test Scenarios. After making changes to the window size, you will need to re-record the Test Scenario to change the screenshot size as well.

Continue or ignore step failure on Local Replay

If the following options are selected in Step Details of a Test Scenario:

  • Mark this step as failed and continue
  • Ignore and continue

the test will continue, even if a step failed during test execution. During Local Replay, on the other hand, a failed step used to result in the replay being aborted.

Now, a failed step can be ignored even on Local Replay so that it can continue replaying.

You can now run the replay until just before the step you want to add with Local Replay, even if it's after a file upload step, which is currently not supported by Local Replay, or a step that may not always succeed due to site conditions!

We hope this is helpful when editing Test Scenarios.

Other Updates ✨

  • We have made some minor improvements and fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where a random email address for an unintended step group is sometimes used in a Test Scenario.

  • Improved the way values are entered into Stripe forms.

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