Review Needed Flag
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Review Needed Flag

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Addressing the Review Needed Flag

You may get a Review Needed flag on one of your steps like below:

Review Needed

This means that Autify's AI has found an element that seems correct but needs confirmation by the user, hence the flag. In order to review the step, just click on the step at which the flag has been triggered.

Review Needed 2

This screen should be familiar to you except for the "Save as Failed" or "Save as Passed" buttons. You will need to look at the two screenshots to decide if the the element found in the recording is also the element found in the current result. If it is, you should click the "Save as Passed" button. If not, click the "Save as Failed" button.

Clicking these buttons will then pass or fail the step.

The beauty of these buttons is that Autify's AI will learn from your input. The next time you run the same test, the AI will find the same element and pass it if you clicked save as passed! Note that clicking save as failed won't affect how Autify finds elements in the future.

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