Why are screenshots not showing up or elements out of focus?
  • 08 Apr 2024
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Why are screenshots not showing up or elements out of focus?

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Article summary

※ Please note that parts of this page are machine translated.

Autify may not take screenshots as expected under certain circumstances or at certain times. This article explains the causes and fixes for this issue.

1. Screenshots do not appear when creating a scenario

If screenshots do not appear on the scenario after recording, the problem may be one of the following.

1-1. If all screenshots are not displayed

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 8.24.28 PM.png

You may not be able to see any screenshots if access to the website is restricted on the Autify Recorder settings in your Chrome browser (shown below).
Please open settings in your Chrome browser and make sure that the Site Access setting is set to [All Sites].

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 8.16.35 PM.png

1-2. If only some screenshots are displayed

The Autify Recorder may not be able to get some screenshots if you're using a low-spec device or if the connection is slow or unstable.
Please try recording after you close all applications other than the browser.

1-3. Steps where screenshots will not be displayed

Please note that you will not see screenshots for the following steps.

  • Visit step
  • Open window
  • Close window
  • Switch To Step N (or "Initial") window
  • Switch To New Window
  • Go To step
  • Sleep step
  • Execute JavaScript (JS Step)
  • Open Email With Title Like XXX
  • Handle Alert
  • Execute Step Group
  • Input Text Into Alert

2. A screenshot was taken when the scenario was created, but the actual position of the click is not correct.

A screenshot is taken, but the focus of the frame surrounding the element may be out of focus. In this case, one of the following may be the cause.

2-1. Window size or resolution issues.
One of the following may be the cause.

  1. The size of the new window opened during recording was changed.
  2. The zoom in/out function of the browser was used while recording.
  3. Your PC resolution is low (1280 x 1024 or higher recommended).

If you record under the above conditions, the click position and other information will not be recorded correctly, which may affect not only the screenshot but also the test execution. Please do not resize the browser window or use the zoom in/out function while recording.

2-2. Screenshot timing.
Screenshots are taken after the action is performed.
Therefore, there may be a mismatch between the time of the action and the time of the screenshot, resulting in a screenshot that is slightly off from the target element.
Also, due to the above reasons, screenshots may not be taken if the element disappears immediately after the action.

📝If the action is a click, please try recording a long-press click. This will increase the chance that the target element will remain visible when the screenshot is taken.

📝If you cannot see the target element in the screenshot on the Scenario page, please use the Step Name or Memo section on the Scenario Details page to clarify what the action is.


3. For screenshots of test results, the focus is shifted to the target element.

Screenshots of test results are basically※ taken after the actual operation, just as screenshots of the scenario are taken. Therefore, the focus of the frame surrounding the element may be shifted.
※For element clicking and window closing actions, a screenshot is taken before the action is performed universally due to the possibility of elements disappearing upon these actions.

4. The "At Recording" or "Last Success" screenshots don't appear on the left side of each step on the Test Results page.

4-1. Cases in which the "At Recording" screenshot is not displayed

Steps that have already been deleted in the most recent scenario will not appear in the "At Recording" screenshot.

4-2. Cases in which the "Last success" screenshot is not displayed

If the test has succeeded once in the past in the same environment, the screenshot of the "Last success" will be displayed, but not in the following cases.

The test was run in an environment where it has never been successful before

If the test is newly executed in an environment where it has never been executed before, or if the test has never been successful in that environment, the "At Recording" screenshot will be displayed.

Log retention period has expired.

If the "Last success" screenshot was taken before your contract's log retention period (log retention period varies by contract), the "At Recording" screenshot will be displayed.

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