Supported OS and browser versions (PC)
  • 14 Dec 2023
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Supported OS and browser versions (PC)

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Article Summary

Autify provides support for most major OSs and browsers.

OSs and OS versions

The following OSs and OS versions are supported.

OSOS version
Window Server2019
Windows10, 11

Browsers and browser versions

The following browsers and browser versions are supported.

BrowserBrowser version

Browser support by OS

Each supported browser can be used with the following OSs:

Window Server 2019
Windows 10, 11
macOS Sonoma

OS and browser version updates

We will update the browser versions after verifying that all provided functions work correctly. We will generally provide browser updates on a monthly basis. However, if problems are found during this process, the update may be delayed until the problems have been fixed.

News of OS updates will be included the release notes.

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