Autify clicks on the wrong area within an element
  • 10 Oct 2023
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Autify clicks on the wrong area within an element

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Article summary

How Autify clicks on elements

No matter where you click on an element during recording (even if you click on the edge of the element), Autify clicks on the center of the element during test runs. Because of this, you may find that Autify sometimes performs an unintended action during test execution, causing the test to fail.

An example of a failed test

For example, let's consider a scenario where we check a checkbox and confirm that it is checked.


There are two ways to check this checkbox: directly clicking on the checkbox (input element), or clicking somewhere inside the div element that surrounds it.


During recording, we checked the checkbox by clicking somewhere near "This", which is inside the div element. This is why the screenshot focus is on the entire div element. Looking at the center of the div element, we can see that there's a link to Autify's website. Clicking this would send the user to Autify's website instead of checking the checkbox.


Take a look at the test result below. We can see that Autify clicked on the link in Step 2, which resulted in the page to transition in Step 3. Autify couldn't find the checkbox, and the test failed.



In the example above, the test would have passed if Autify had clicked on the input element instead of the div element.
If your test failed because Autify clicked on the center of an element, please re-record the scenario or use Quick Element Update to ensure that Autify clicks on the correct element.

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