URL Replacements
  • 26 Feb 2024
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URL Replacements

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What are URL replacements?

Do you use several environments when making changes to your corporate website? These environments can go by many names: staging, dev, production, etc. Typically, each environment has a different URL, but the websites tested are the same.

With Autify's URL replacement feature, you won't have to create a new scenario for each URL. Simply replace the relevant URLs in the scenario and start running tests.

How to set up URL replacements

Open the Test Plan Details Page. Under [URL Replacements], click [Add].


Specify [URL to be replaced] and [URL after replacement], and click [Create].

You can also replace multiple URLs:


All URLs within the scenario that exactly match [URL to be replaced] will be replaced with [URL after replacement].

URL to be replaced

When you execute a test plan, the following URLs will be replaced from [URL to be replaced] with the URL you specified in the [URL after replacement].

  • The start URL in the first step.
  • The URL of Go-To Steps.
  • URLs contained in the input values of input steps, etc.
  • The URL of "URL Should Be/Contain" assertion steps.
  • The URL in page element assertions.
  • The URL in JS Steps.
    • If the URL is dynamically created within the JS step, it will not be replaced.
    // subject to replacement
    return "https://autify.com"
    // not subject to replacement
    return "https://" + "autify.com"
  • The URL in steps within Step Groups. (If the URL within a Step Group is overwritten with [URL to be replaced], it will be replaced with the URL specified in [URL after replacement] before execution.)
  • The URL in JavaScript snippets.

URL not to be replaced

The following URLs will not to be replaced:


Here are three examples of how URLs in scenarios are replaced.
In this example, we assume that there are two URLs we want to replace. We will call them Replacement 1 and Replacement 2.

In Case 1, the URL in the scenario is an exact match with [URL to be replaced], so it's replaced with the URL specified in [URL after replacement].

URLs are replaced starting from the longest [URL to be replaced].
Therefore, in Case 2, Replacement 2 is applied instead of Replacement 1.

In Case 3, Replacement 1 is applied - the front part of the URL is replaced.

URL to be replacedURL after replacement
Replacement 1https://dev.example.comhttps://prd.example.com
Replacement 2https://dev.example.com/project1https://prd.example.com/projectA
URL in the scenarioURL after replacementReplacement
Case 1https://dev.example.comhttps://prd.example.comReplacement 1
Case 2https://dev.example.com/project1https://prd.example.com/projectAReplacement 2
Case 3https://dev.example.com/homehttps://prd.example.com/homeReplacement 1

If you plan to use the URL replacement feature to create test plans for different execution environments, we recommend that you name your scenario with URL replacement in mind.

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