What is a [Test Plan] (formerly [Schedule])
  • 20 May 2022
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What is a [Test Plan] (formerly [Schedule])

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Article Summary

A [Test plan] is a mechanism for efficiently executing tests by grouping multiple [Scenarios]. This feature used to called [Schedule].

What can be achieved by a [Test Plan]

With the [Test Plan], the following are possible:

  • Run a test on multiple [scenarios] at once
  • Run a test in multiple execution environments at once
  • Execute regularly by specifying the day of the week and time
  • Use the Autify API to execute tests at the timing of source code merging
  • Run tests against other environments without changing the scenario using the [URL Replacement] feature

For Autify API, please refer to this document,
for [URL Replacement], please refer to this FAQ article.

Recommended [Test Plan] uses

The recommended usage will differ slightly depending on the granularity and nature of the test execution, but these are some recommended ways of grouping [Test Plans]:

  1. A high-importance [Test Plan] that only includes important [Scenarios] that you want to prioritize, and a full-test [Test Plan] that includes all [Scenarios] regardless of priority.
  2. A PC [Test Plan] that groups [Scenarios] for PC and a Mobile [Test Plan] that groups [Scenarios] for smart mobile devices.
  3. A [Test Plan] for development environment and a [Test Plan] for production environment.

For 1, you can specify a [Test Plan] and execute it by using the Autify API. We recommend using this to only execute high priority [Scenarios] in the high-speed Autify cloud environment when running tests that occur frequently, such as the timing of when the source code is merged, and schedule full tests so that it is executed once a week at night.

For 2, even if the elements are not an exact match, AI can follow the change if the difference is small. Therefore, a scenario created for PC may also work in a mobile environment in the case of responsive sites. However, there are often small implementation differences between PC sites and mobile sites to achieve optimal usability. We generally recommend separating [Scenarios] and [Test Plans] for mobile and mobile to improve test accuracy.

For 3, you can use the [URL Replacement] function to test against another URL without having to change the [Scenario].

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