Workspace Settings
  • 02 Aug 2023
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Workspace Settings

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⚠︎ Custom host names available on particular plans. For details, please confirm this page.

⚠︎ The fixed IP address feature is available on particular plans. For details, please confirm this page.

These settings are for an individual workspace. You can go to your workspace settings by clicking on the workspace name under the "workspaces" section. Usually this workspace name starts out as "Default".


What each of these sections control:

Workspace Name

You can see the workspace name and workspace ID.
As the name suggests, you can change the name of a workspace at any time using this section.

Slack Notification

If you would like to get notifications to Slack you can configure it here.


If you'd like to receive an HTTP POST request when a test finishes, you can do it here.

Email Address

Remember our permanent email address testing? This is where you set it up to use throughout your tests. All you need to do is click new and name it and a permanent email address will be created for you. You can also check the emails that you have received to your fixed e-mail address here.

Custom Hostnames

If you have Hostnames that are not managed by DNS servers, you can add those custom entries here.

JavaScript Snippets

You can define JavaScript code and reuse it in multiple scenarios.

Outbound IP addresses from Autify

If your contract includes a fixed IP address guarantee, you can check the outbound IP address from which Autify accesses your server.

Parallel test execution

If you enable parallel test execution, Autify will run multiple tests simultaneously. If you select "Disable," tests will be executed one at a time.
Please see "Can Autify run tests in parallel?" for further information.

Basic Auth Credentials

If you want to add a basic Auth credential, all you need to do is add the domain name, a username and a password in order for it to work.


You can see which users belong to your workspace.

Pending Invitations

You can see which users are currently invited. To cancel an invitation, click the "Cancel" button on the right.

Invite a new user

To invite a new user, enter the new user's email address and click "Invite." You cannot invite email addresses already registered with the workspace.
The invitation email is valid for 30 days.

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