What is Beta (Public Beta)?
  • 20 Apr 2022
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What is Beta (Public Beta)?

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At Autify, we sometimes release new features as [public betas] so that users can use them as soon as possible and send us feedback. We will make further improvements based on comments from users.

Features released as [public betas] have a Beta mark, as shown in the screenshot below.
Screenshots_2022-01-11 17.29.26

Features may be released as [public betas] in situations such as:

  • When we want to test stability in a wide range of environments that are difficult to prepare at Autify. This includes combinations of applications and environments.
  • When we are urging users to send us feedback regarding usability.

[Public beta] features are different from other features in the following ways:

  • Specifications may change more frequently in [public betas].
  • [Public betas] may not function properly in some environments.
    • Please get in touch with us if you notice any behavior that could be a bug.

In essence, the purpose of [public betas] is to listen to real users and make Autify even more useful and easy to use. We appreciate any comments and requests!

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