Recording Area
  • 02 May 2023
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Recording Area

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Article Summary

The recording screen opens when you start recording. The Recording Area is the right side of the recording screen (②) where the mobile screen appears with the app open.


This page explains what you can do in the Recording Area.

Record Button record-button

When the red circle is blinking, your actions are being recorded. You can pause/resume recording by clicking the record button.

Actions action

Clicking the Actions button opens the following menu:

We will explain what each option does.


Back to app

If an app has been moved to the background, you can use this option to bring it back to the foreground.



Reload is useful if the application gets stuck during recording for some reason.
Reload fixes errors that don't always occur, such as network or connectivity errors. This allows you to continue recording without having to start all over again.

Reload is not saved as a step.

Set Location

You can set the latitude and longitude. This feature allows you to set the default location when opening a map, for example.


Supported on iOS only.

Set Deep Link

By setting a deep link, you can jump to the destination. This allows you to verify whether users can successfully access deep links implemented in your app.
You can also set website URLs such as This will open the page in a web browser.


Please see the following video for details:


This option allows you to add a shake action. You can test how the app behaves when the user shakes their mobile device.

Supported on iOS only.


This option allows you to add an assertion in PageSource format.

ML Assertion

You can add an assertion that uses machine learning (ML).
For more information on ML assertions, please see this document.

Show form

This option allows you to enter text in an input field. It automatically appears when you tap an input field. You can also change the typing speed.



You can select this option to add actions related to the Email Test feature.
For more information about the Email Test feature, please see this document.

Other Actions

  • To add a tap action, click on the app screen.
  • To add a swipe action, hold down and move the mouse cursor up and down on the app screen and release.


3-Button Navigation

You can record actions on the native navigation buttons on Android devices:


Please see the following video for details.

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