Release Notes - November 7th, 2023
  • 07 Nov 2023
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Release Notes - November 7th, 2023

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✨ New Features

🗺 Set Location Feature

Location information can now be set in scenarios!
You can now set latitude and longitude by inserting a step using "Insert Set Location Step" in the scenario editing screen, or by tapping the device operation icon in the recording screen and adding a location setting from the menu that appears.

スクリーンショット 2023-10-31 17.03.36.png

スクリーンショット 2023-10-31 17.01.23.png

The set location feature will be available only for iOS, support for Android has not yet been determined.


  • Changed the name of taps in PageSource to "Page Source Tap".
  • It is now possible to add ML Assertion steps from an Assertion step screenshot in the scenario editor screen as well.

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