Release of 2022
  • 12 Oct 2022
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Release of 2022

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Article Summary

October 12

✨ New features

Introducing Android Beta!

  • Android support is now available as Beta for all customers. If you would like to opt in to the Android Beta, please contact us so that this can be added to your account
  • Android appears as a second tab in each of the following screens
    • Builds
    • Step Groups
    • Scenarios
    • Test Plans
  • In order to use Android, you will need to ensure you switch to the Android tab in the appropriate screen before beginning. Otherwise uploading builds, creating tests and creating test plans follows the same pattern as iOS.
  • Android test results are displayed alongside iOS test results in the Test Results page
  • As Android is still in Beta, there are some functions missing from Android that are available in iOS including:
    • Assertion in Android is ML Assertion only
    • Test Cancellation
    • Set Deeplink

Introducing Machine Learning Tap (ML Tap) Beta!

  • ML Tap is now available as Beta!
  • ML Tap uses Machine Learning to analyze a screenshot to determine the element that was tapped during recording, and makes it easy to correct the tapped element in the scenario editor
  • ML Tap offers performance improvements over the Page Source based tap
  • In order to learn more about ML Tap, please see HERE

To learn more about Beta Features, please check HERE.

💎 Improvements

  • Sorting has now been implemented in the Test Results table both when showing by Test Plan and by Scenario
  • The input speed of “Input Text” steps can now be adjusted from the Scenario Editor to help improve consistency when executing these steps.
    • This functionality is best used when an Input Text step sometimes returns characters in the wrong order
  • The status returned by the Test Results API for a test plan is now “Failed” if any of the test cases in the test plan failed.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the screenshot resolution was different between recording and execution sometimes causing unexpected failures
  • Fixed an issue where HTML would sometimes be shown as part of the step name when editing scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where Replay did not correctly respect “When this step fails” settings
  • Fixed an issue where the ML Assertion window was too big and could be difficult to close
  • Fixed various issues affecting Android emulator stability
  • Fixed an issue where the Environment Variables were sometimes not all displayed during recording
  • Improved ML Tap consistency when tapping on Text
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause unexpected test failures after an ML Assertion step was deleted

18 August

✨ New features

Replay is now Public!

  • After being released as an open beta for some time, the Replay feature has been officially launched!
    • You can find more information about Replay HERE

Multi iOS Version is now available!

  • We are now able to support iOS devices on both 14.4 and 15.2, and it is possible to create test plans using both versions

💎 Improvements

  • The reliability of Machine Learning based steps has been improved
  • ML Assertions can now be added from Screenshots of Swipe steps
  • When Replay is complete, a message is now displayed stating that Replay is complete and recording will begin
  • Environment Variables used in a scenario can now be viewed from the Scenario page and from the Test Results Page
  • Test Results are now able to be sorted when viewing by Test Plan as well as by Scenario
  • Users are now prompted to confirm before removing personal access tokens

🐞 Fixes

  • Test Result API no longer fails if “page” is not defined
  • Fixed an issue where the rectangle highlighting the selected element could sometimes fail to appear in test results
  • Clarified the error message when Replay fails
  • Improved the behavior and error message when start activity fails
  • Fixed a bug where the popup to confirm leaving the scenario editor with unsaved changes would appear even when there were no changes
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate labels could be created
  • Fixed an issue where tables could stretch too far, and a user was unable to side scroll to see all the information
  • When adding labels to a scenario, the colors are now properly displayed next to the suggestions
  • URLs in scenario descriptions are now properly recognized as links
  • Fixed an issue where the test results table would cut off if there were too many environments tested
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the test result table to not load correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the page numbers on the test results page would briefly disappear when changing pages

1 July

✨ New features

Test Results can now be accessed via Public API

  • The API Docs for this feature can be found here

Autify CLI now includes list-test-result and describe-test-result

  • Read more about Autify CLI here

Builds are now able to be searched by version

💎 Improvements

  • Labels are no longer added when the Enter key is pressed and the text field is empty
  • The Test Results page for an individual test run now shows the strategy used for finding elements (Machine Learning or Page Source)

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the workspace settings page
  • Fixed a typo causing issues with ML Assertion
  • Fixed an error where the Test Plan Results page would show the current build attached to the plan rather than the build that the execution had run against
  • Fixed an issue where the build icon was displaying incorrectly on the Scenario and Test Results pages
  • Fixed a bug where the Scenario detail screen returned a 404 error when a step in the referenced step group was removed
  • Fixed an error where multiple steps inserted at the same time would add in the wrong order
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes cause icons to display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with selecting labels in the scenario details page
  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause the screenshot to fail to load when adding ML assertions to an existing scenario
  • Removed a link to a previously removed feature that was causing a 404 error

17 June

✨ New features

Released Machine Learning (ML) Assertion as Public Beta

  • ML Assertion is a new mechanism for assertions that allows us to support applications created using a wider variety of development language/libraries, as well as improving the performance of assertions
  • More information on ML Assertion and how to use it can be found Here

💎 Improvements

  • Removed title causing confusion around “Pending Invitations”

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an error where adding steps then removing then adding causes them to be saved in a wrong position.

  • Fixed missing error messages for registration

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect step count to be displayed in the scenario list page

  • Fixed an issue where the recorder was incorrectly starting while editing a scenario without replay

  • Fixed incorrect display of match rates when Visual Diff results in an error

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not be removed from organization if they no longer belonged to any workspace

  • Fixed a bug which occasionally caused “Element should be visible” assertions to fail

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