Scenario Creation
  • 07 Mar 2023
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Scenario Creation

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Once you have uploaded a build file, let's create a scenario!

Select the "Scenarios" from the menu and choose whether to create an iOS or Android scenario from the tab.


Next, click "New" in the upper right corner. You can choose recording method from "Create from build file" and "Create from Step group". This time, select "Create from build file".


When you click "Create from build file", the "Select build file" screen will open. Select the build file to use when recording a scenario and, for iOS, select the iOS version to use during recording, then click "Select".


Wait a while until recording starts.


When the recording is ready, the recording screen will appear. The recording screen consists of the left ① Scenario Area and the right ② Recording Area. Try tapping the menu in the Recording Area.


A tap step has been added to the Scenario Area!


After adding the necessary steps, click the "Save" button to save it.
The recording screen closes and the scenario screen appears.


The scenario creation is now complete!

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