Creating Scenarios
  • 24 Oct 2023
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Creating Scenarios

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Article Summary

Once you've uploaded a build file, let's create a scenario!

Select [Scenarios] from the menu and choose which the scenario is for (iOS or Android) from the tab.


Next, click [New] in the upper right corner. Currently, you can choose between [Create from build file] or [Create from Step group]. In this example, we will choose [Create from build file].


After clicking [Create from build file], the Select build file page opens. Select which build file you want to use when recording the scenario and, for iOS, select the iOS version to use for recording. Click [Select].


MinimumOSVersion of a build file

When selecting a build file for recording, the build file is validated against MinimumOSVersion. If the MinimumOSVersion of the build file is newer than the selected iOS version, the message "MinimumOS Version key in info.plist is set to a value newer than the iOS version of the default recording environment." shows and the build file cannot be selected.

Wait for the recording to start.


When Autify is ready to record, the recording screen will appear. The recording screen consists of the (1) Scenario Area on the left and the (2) Recording Area on the right. Try tapping the menu in the Recording Area.


A tap step has been added to the Scenario Area!


After you'e added the necessary steps, click [Save] to save the scenario.
The recording screen closes and the scenario page appears.


You have now created a scenario!

Model and OS at the time of recording
  • iPhone
    • Model: iPhone 12 Pro will be used.
    • OS: The available iOS version can be chosen on the "Select build file" screen or workspace settings screen.
  • Android
    • Model: Pixel 5 will be used.
    • OS: Android 12.0 will be used.

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