Basic authentication
  • 07 May 2024
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Basic authentication

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Article summary

You can set up Basic authentication on a per-domain basis.

How to set up Basic authentication

Click [Settings] and choose the workspace you want to set up Basic authentication for. "Basic auth credentials" will appear at the bottom of the page.


Click [Add]. A New Basic Auth Credentials Page will appear, where you will be prompted to enter the domain name, username, and password. Enter the information and click [Save].

Not displayed?

Only Workspace Managers are able to configure Basic authentication.

2. If setting up on a per-domain basis does not work

Currently, you can only set up Basic authentication on a per-domain basis, so if you need to set it up on a different granularity, please send us feedback using the Contact Us feature on the lower right corner of the page. When you do so, please tell us your preferred setup.

For example, setting up Basic authentication on a per-domain basis will not work in the following cases:

  • The username and password for is user_a / password_a
  • The username and password for is user_b / password_b

Although this is not a highly recommended solution, you may be able to run tests in the following way.
As shown in the example below, set up the "start URL" so that information for Basic authentication is included (this method also works for Digest authentication).


There are three points to keep in mind when using this method:

  1. The test will not work if you assign a URL like this to a domain that already has Basic authentication set up. Please use either solution described above.
  2. Some JavaScript methods do not work due to security issues, which may affect the website's behavior.
  3. For security reasons, Safari does not accept this solution as of September 11, 2020. It may also be banned on other browsers in the future.

3. Other notes

  • If Basic authentication has been set up, you will be unable to run tests on websites that use WebSockets. This is due to the implementation constraints of our product.
  • If you have registered the Basic authentication information in workspace settings but authentication does not take place on the target website, the test execution engine will run as usual. Error messages will not appear on test results, so you cannot test whether Basic authentication is working on the target website.
  • There is currently no limit to the number of Basic Authentications that can be set up in Autify. Please set as many as you need.
  • Using a wildcard (*) in the domain name, such as "*," will cause the local replay to fail.

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