During local replay, an error occurred. Why?
  • 21 Apr 2023
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During local replay, an error occurred. Why?

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An error may occur while Local Replay is automatically performing actions, causing the process to stop.
When an error occurs, the following dialogue will appear:


Unexpected errors and their causes

Here are the main reasons why an error may occur during Local Replay:

  • It replayed a feature not yet supported by Local Replay, such as file upload.
  • The action failed for some reason. For example, the target element could not be found in an action step (click, input, etc.).
  • An error occurred due to incorrect content written in the JS Step.
  • Replay processing did not work correctly. For example, it was incompatible with the site.

What to do when an error occurs

You can restart or abort Local Replay in one of the following ways:

  • Retry: replay the failed step again.
  • Abort: abort Local Replay.
  • Continue: ignore the failed step or manually perform the action of the failed step and resume Replay where it left off.

You can move the Local Replay dialogue as needed when manually performing the action corresponding to the failed step.

Test Execution succeeds, but fails in "Local Replay

Local Replay and Test Execution are different.
Even if an error occurs in Local Replay, the test may run without encountering issues. ** For more information, see this article

Since replay is executed at high speed, the next process may start before the page transition or other process is completed, causing replay to stop in the middle of an error. In such a case, try adding a wait step after the step that takes a long time to process, which may allow the replay to proceed without stopping.

See also: Basic Usage of Local Replay

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