Test Results from Test plans
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Test Results from Test plans

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How Many Test Results will there be from my Test Plan?

The number of tests executed per test plan is the number of execution environments times the number of scenarios. If you have used data from a CSV in one of your scenario's, that scenario will be run a number of times equal to the rows of data used in that scenario.

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Example: I have Chrome/Linux and Edge as my execution environments. I have added two scenarios in my test plan. In scenario 1, I have used a CSV that supplies 10 rows of data. In scenario 2 I have no CSV, so only one test will run from there.

In one test plan:

Scenario 1: 2 execution environments X 10 rows of data =
20 test results
Scenario 2: 2 execution environments X 1 test with no data used = 2 tests.

Scenario 1 + Scenario 2 = 22 test results from run the test plan.

The take home here is that it is very easy to get a LARGE amount of tests being run from a test plan, so be sure you are deliberate with what you add to your test plans.

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