Requests we may not be able to respond to
  • 14 Apr 2023
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Requests we may not be able to respond to

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Autify's Customer Support Team is committed to helping our customers solve issues. However, we may not be able to offer support for some requests. Also, we may be unable to offer detailed information due to the nature of our products.
Some examples are listed below. We appreciate your understanding.

Investigation into the test results of scenarios with more than 200 steps

Currently, there is no limit to the number of steps you can have in a scenario, but we only provide support up to the 200th step.
If a problem occurs after the 200th step, we may decline to investigate the cause of the issue.
Therefore, if you wish to request an investigation, please create a scenario specifically for the investigation before contacting us so that the section in question is within the first 200 steps.
You can read about why we only offer support for the first 200 steps here.

When it is difficult to provide a workaround due to incompatibility with the application under test

Issues may arise due to incompatibility between the application under test, Autify, and the test execution environment.
We will investigate workarounds, but in some cases, it may be difficult to provide a workaround, such as when a more detailed investigation into the implementation of the application under test is required.

Inquiries about outages

In the event of an Autify outage, we will do our best to notify you and resolve the issue promptly.
However, due to security reasons, we may not be able to provide detailed information about the cause of the outage.

Requests for detailed information about Autify's inner workings

At Autify, we develop various features to improve the maintainability of automated testing.
We are constantly working to improve these features, but depending on the scenario and compatibility with your application, they may not work as expected.
We will continue to make improvements based on your feedback, but we may not always be able to provide detailed explanations when reporting the results of our investigations.

Inquiries about our roadmap

The future roadmap is available at Autify for Web Product Roadmap (English).
If you have any requests or questions about our roadmap, please be aware that we may not be able to provide specific timelines or feature details.


If something cannot be tested with Autify's features alone, we will provide you with sourse code for CSS selectors and JS Steps as a workaround.
However, we may decline to provide JS Steps in the following cases:

The turnaround time for advanced technical support, including workarounds, differs between Standard Support and Premier Support. Please see this article for more information about our support options.

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