Parallel Execution
  • 18 Jul 2023
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Parallel Execution

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⚠︎ Parallels are available on particular plans. For details, please confirm this page.

Parallel execution is available on [Autify Cloud environment] (Chrome/Linux and Edge(Chromium)/Windows Server 2019).

The maximum parallel number on Autify Cloud is 10 per workspace by default. If you would like to increase this number, please contact our Sales team.

How to enable parallel execution

In order to use the [Parallel test execution], you can enable it from the left side menu [Settings] > [Workspace settings].

If you choose to [Disable] parallel execution, your tests will run one by one.

Things to note when enabling parallel execution

By enabling parallel execution, it is possible that a test that depends on the execution order - for example, Test Plan B fails unless Test Plan A is executed first - will fail. Likewise, if Test Plan A and Test Plan B are not expected to run at the same time, this can also fail. Please be careful.

How tests run in parallel

In Autify, requested tests run per [Scenario].

The diagram below shows how tests run when parallel execution is 1) Disabled or 2) Enabled.

parallel-execution-en 1.svg

1) Parallel Execution Disabled: Tests for all environments run one by one. No tests run at the same time on [Autify cloud environment]. and the [external device farm environment].

2) Parallel Execution Enabled: In [Autify cloud environment], 10 tests can run in parallel at maximum, and tests on the [external device farm environment] can also run at the same time, one by one.

What will be the execution order when I specify multiple environments on a [Test Plan] in parallel execution?

Not defined. Tests start running as soon as each requested test environment is ready.

When parallel execution is enabled, what happens if I request to run multiple [Test Plans] at the same time?

Tests run in parallel per [scenario], so if Test PlanA and Test Plan B were requested at the same time, it is possible that scenarios of A and that of B run in parallel.

Can I change the maximum number of parallel execution?

If you would like to increase the number of parallel execution or enable parallel execution on the external device farm, feel free to contact us!

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