Review Needed Flag
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Review Needed Flag

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On Autify, the AI will attempt to find the target element when it can't find an element that exactly matches the recorded element or the element in the last test execution. If the AI determines that it needs to confirm that the element it found is what it was intended to be, it is treated as neither a [Passed] nor a [Failed], but rather as a [Review Needed].

You may get a Review Needed flag on one of your steps like below:

Review Needed

In order to review the step, just click on the step at which the flag has been triggered.

Review Needed 2

When you click the thumbnail of a step marked as [Review needed], the following two buttons appear in the lower right corner, as shown in the image above. Please select the appropriate button.

  • Save as Passed
  • Save as Failed

If the element found is correct, click the [Save as Passed] button. If not, click the [Save as Failed] button.

By clicking [Save as Passed] the scenario is updated with the new information, and the next time the same test is run, the AI will search for the element based on the information that was marked as [Save as Passed] last time. If you don't do this for an extended period of time, the scenario will not be updated. As specification changes accumulate, the AI will eventually fail to track the correct element.

Although you don't have to do it every time, we recommend that you [Save as Passed] whenever possible if the AI finds the correct element.

Note that if you [Save as Passed] on a test result that is not the latest, the scenario will not be updated.
Therefore, please only review the latest test result (that is not running or canceled) of a given "Scenario" as [Save as Passed] or [Save as Failed].
Please note that if you [Save as Failed] the status of the test result will change, but the information in the "Scenario" will not be updated.

Also, screenshots taken at each step are taken as a record of the test execution. The images are not used to decide whether the step is marked as [Review Needed] or not.

Therefore, even if there is a difference between the image in the current test result and that of the previous test result (or during recording), it will not be marked as [Review Needed] if the correct element to be operated or verified is found.

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