What is the [Autify cloud environment]?
  • 18 Jul 2023
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What is the [Autify cloud environment]?

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[Autify cloud environment] is a test execution environment where the browser is launched on the operating system in the cloud environment prepared by Autify. You can select this from the [Test Plan] execution environment.

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 4.45.50 PM.png

The [Autify cloud environment] has the following features:

  • Test execution is fast (tests can be executed up to 3 to 10 times faster than the actual machine environment)
  • Up to 10 tests can be executed simultaneously (when parallel execution is enabled)

The [Autify cloud environment] is useful in the following situations:

  • When you want to run repeated tests and see the results immediately when editing a [Scenario]
  • When you want to run multiple tests at once
  • When you need to run a set of functional tests before running the tests on time-consuming machines (such as real devices)

[Run now on Chrome] is also run on the [Autify cloud environment]. This can be selected by clicking the ellipsis icon, which is on each screen.

The following environments are currently available in the [Autify cloud environment].

  • Chrome/Linux (including Mobile Emulator)
  • Edge(Chromium)/Windows Server

We have partnered to provide an [external device farm environment] for PC environments (Windows 10 and Mac) and for various actual smartphone devices.

Please refer to the following articles for details on [Autify cloud environment] and the [external device farm environment].

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