User Seats
  • 18 Jul 2023
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User Seats

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ℹ️ This document is for customers of Autify for Web Lite / Standard / Advanced / Enterprise plan.

User Seat Overview

A user seat is a right to use Autify for your organization that is assigned to a user account in your workspace. In addition to a certain number of user seats granted in advance according to your subscription plan, you can purchase as many user seats as you need depending on the number of users in your organization.

What are User Seats

The number of user seats is managed per organization. After inviting a new user from the workspace setup screen, when that user signs up, the user will use the user seats for the organization. If you remove a user from all workspaces to which the user belongs, the number of User Seats in use by your organization will be reduced. On the other hand, the number of purchased user seats will remain unchanged.


👉 User seats will not be used if
  • If the user have not completed sign-up after inviting users
  • If your organization has multiple workspaces and you want to invite a user who has already joined another workspace to a different workspace

User Seats usage

You can check the number of user seats you are subscribed to from the Organization Settings screen "Organization Users".

In the following example, 1/3 Users means:

  • 1: Number of users registered in the organization and belonging to at least one workspace (= number of user seats in use)

  • 3: Number of user seats included in the current contract

Screen Shot 2023-06-18 at 21.53.04.png

What happens when I run out of User Seats?

After the number of users in your organization reaches the number of user seats you have purchased in advance, you can still invite new users from the Workspace Settings screen. However, you will be billed for the additional seats in the following month, and a warning will appear on the screen as shown below. Please refer to the next section "Purchasing Additional User Seats" for details on what you will be billed for.

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 16.22.56.png

Please note that even if the number of registered users exceeds the number of user seats, existing users will not be affected in any way in regards to their use of the Autify.

Purchase of additional User Seats

The purchase of additional user seats is triggered by the actual sign-up of users who have been invited for more user seats than they have subscribed for. Billing details are finalized at the end of the current month and invoiced in the following month.

When additional purchases are made, the billing details will be (Number of registered users in your organization - Number of user seats you have signed up) x User seat monthly unit price x Number of remaining months in your subscription (including the month of change).

To give a concrete example, the following cases can occur:

  • If a new user signs up that requires 2 additional seats by the end of the month, the user will be billed for 2 seats in the following month.

  • If a new user sign-up requiring 2 additional seats is made by the end of the month and a user is deleted for 2 seats, no billing will occur.

  • If a new user signs up for 4 additional seats by the end of the month, plus a user deletes 2 seats, the user will be billed for 2 seats in the following month.

The number of user seats added is valid until the expiration of your current subscription. Please note that once added, user seats cannot be reduced for the duration of the contract.

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