What does Autify Maintenance AI do?
  • 04 Aug 2022
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What does Autify Maintenance AI do?

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Article Summary

Autify can search for an alternative element by AI if an exact match is not found. This is called Autify AI, or Autify Maintenance AI.

This AI allows Autify to continue to select elements even if the features of the elements no longer match exactly with the previous test run due to page changes.

This process proceeds in the following manner.

  • Wait for a certain amount of time (30 seconds by default) until an element that is an exact match to the previous one appears.
    (*If you would like to change this 30 seconds waiting time, please contact us via Autify chat)
  • If no exact match appears after waiting for a certain period of time, the AI will start searching.
  • The maintenance AI evaluates each element using general features such as class and ID, as well as the wording, position in the DOM tree, and parent-child relationship of the element, and selects the element that is judged to have the best match.

Autify's AI is getting better every day. Look forward to the future evolution.

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