Adding and Deleting Steps
  • 06 May 2022
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Adding and Deleting Steps

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What about adding steps?

So you have recorded your first scenario and are moving along reviewing it when you realize, you missed a few items in the middle of your scenario. How are you going to insert these steps?

Not to worry, there is a way. In between every step of a scenario, there is a small plus sign that will appear whenever you mouse over it. If you click on the plus sign, a new set of options will display.

Inserting Steps

Whatever option that you choose, it will insert a NEW step (or group of steps) at that location. Here's a list of what each of the options do:

Record here: This will be how you edit most of your scenarios. Selecting this option will bring back up your website with the recorder and automatically walk through each step up to the area you want to edit and add more steps.

Note: Please make sure the scenario still is continuous with the new steps added. Navigating away to a new page might break the test. The step after your insertion should still be able to be completed.

Record without replay: The same as record here, except the recorder with not replay all of the steps. The recorder will come paused and you may have to navigate to the area or page you want to edit.

Insert JS Step: This is where you can insert a Javascript step. Javascript has many uses and can really enhance your scenario/validation efforts when you need it. We try to avoid using Javascript but there are cases where its use is needed.

Insert Sleep Step: If you want to tell your test to wait before continuing, inserting a sleep step is the way to do it. Sleep steps will wait to proceed with testing for the length of time you input (in seconds). This step is particularly useful for long load times or when you need to wait for an element that appears after a specified amount of time on a webpage.

Insert Go To Step: As in recording, you can insert a go to url step using this option.

Insert Open Window Step: Insert a Open New Window step with this option.

Enlarged Screenshot

To see a step in detail all you need to do is mouseover the step. At the top right you should see a picture icon. Click that and in a new tab an enlarged screeshot will appear for your review.


Deleting a Step

Deleting a step is as simple as mousing over the desired step and selecting the trash icon that appears at the top right.

Deleteing a Step

Note: Deleting steps that navigate away from the current page, opening up dropdowns, or otherwise make the scenario discontinuous, will either issue review needed flags (more on this later) or break the scenario. Please consider this before deleting a step.

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