Actions you can perform on Steps
  • 22 Aug 2023
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Actions you can perform on Steps

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After you create your first scenario, what should you do if you realize you've forgotten to record a step or want to delete, move, or copy a step?
On this page, you will learn various actions you can perform on steps, such as how to add and delete steps.

How to add steps

Hover over the space between steps, and you will see a small [+] button. Click it, and several options will appear.
More options are available if you hover over [Insert Step].

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 18.53.21.png

Whichever option you choose, a new step (or Step Group) will be inserted in that location. Let's take a look at what each option does.

Record here

You will use this button most frequently when editing scenarios. If you select this option, the recording page will appear. All the steps until the location you want to edit will be performed automatically.

Note: Once you finish adding new steps, please check whether the scenario still works. Navigating away to a new page might cause the test to fail. Make sure that the step immediately after the one you added can be completed.

Record without replay

This option is the same as Record here, except the recorder with not replay the preceding steps. The recorder will be paused, so you will have to navigate to the area/page you wish to edit.

Insert Step

The following options will appear when you hover over Insert Step:

Step Group

Choose this option to insert a Step Group in the scenario. Once inserted, select the Step Group you wish to add. Please note that the list will only show Step Groups that don’t have a Initial Step with Visit action.

JS Step

JS Steps are helpful for enhancing your scenarios and improving tests. We are continuing to improve our platform so that you can test without using JavaScript, but there are some cases where its use is needed.

JS Step From Snippets

You can insert saved snippets. If your JS snippet interacts with a specific element(s), please add the snippet when that element(s) is accessible on the webpage.

Dynamic Value

Dynamic value is useful when you want to generate values that change each time, such as random strings and dates. Currently, the following Dynamic Values are available:

  • Dynamic date
  • Random character string
  • Random integer

Sleep Step

If you want to tell your test to wait a certain time before continuing, insert a sleep step. You can specify how many seconds to wait. This step comes in handy if a webpage takes a while to load or you need to wait for an element to appear.

Go To Step

As in recording, you can insert a Go To Step to jump to a specified URL.

Open Window Step

This option inserts a step that opens a new window.

Handle Alert Step

This option inserts a step that closes an alert.

How to select a step

When you hover over a step, a checkbox appears at the top left. You can select the step by checking the checkbox.


When you select a step, the message "1 step selected" will appear:


How to select multiple steps

You can select multiple steps by clicking on the checkboxes, but there are two other ways to select multiple steps.
Once you've selected multiple steps, you can delete, move, or copy them all at once.

  1. Drag and drop with the mouse to select multiple steps
  2. Use the Shift key to select multiple steps in a specific range at once
    1. Click the checkbox of the first step of the range you want to select.
    2. Hold down the Shift key and click on the checkbox of the last step of the range you want to select.
    shift click to select steps.gif

How to delete steps

You can delete steps by clicking the recycle bin icon that appears when you hover over a step.

Deleteing a Step

If multiple steps are selected, you can delete them at once by clicking [Delete] displayed in the message.

Note: If you delete steps that navigate away from the current page, open dropdown menus, or otherwise make the scenario discontinuous, test results may show a Review Needed flag or the scenario may break. Please be careful when deleting steps.

How to move steps

With the steps selected, hover over the [+] button at the location you want to move, and "Move to here" will appear. Click the [+] button to move the step.

You can also move steps by drag and drop!


How to copy steps

With the steps selected, click [Copy] in the message. To paste the copied steps, click the [+] button at the location where you wish to paste, and select [Paste steps here.]


How to edit steps

To edit a step, click the Edit icon or anywhere on the step (except other icons). This will open the step details where you can make edits.


How to enlarge screenshots

To enlarge screenshots, click the enlarge icon. The enlarged screenshot will appear in a new tab.


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