Autify Recorder
  • 16 Nov 2023
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Autify Recorder

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Article summary

Down at the bottom right of the newly opened screen, you will see the Autify Recorder toolbar.

The Recorder

Outside of recording steps by clicking on elements or inputting values, the toolbar provides you with other ways to validate your website. Below is an explanation from left to right of what each of the specific buttons on the recorder do:

  • Not interactable and is just there to label the extension as Autify.

Recorder Button

  • This button tells you whether Autify is currently recording or not.
  • The [Record] button can be toggled off and on by clicking on it.
    • A flashing on the toolbar means Autify is currently recording any interactions or assertion you make on the page.
    • Conversely, a flashing means that recording is currently paused and any interactions you make with the webpage will not be recorded.
    • Pausing a recording can be useful if you want to check a process to see where it goes before recording.
    • A word of caution though, if you navigate to a new page using a link or new URL be sure to navigate back before starting to record again, otherwise your test will break! We see this happen frequently where a step is missed because recording was paused.

Email Testing

  • E2E email testing button. Autify provides this for users who want to test their site's email capabilities.
  • See the "Email Testing Feature" article for more details.
    *If you have not signed up for this feature, the email button will not appear.

Assertion Button

  • Outside of clicks, inputting information, and other interactions with the website, Autify has a number of different assertions you can make.

Go To Url

  • This button provides you with a way to navigate to a new URL you designate if needed for testing.

Save and Cancel

  • The save and cancel buttons are used to either save or cancel the current test.

Other Notes

  • The recorder can be moved around the screen by clicking and dragging at the very left of the toolbar where there are two grey lines.

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