Show by Test Plan
  • 17 Jul 2024
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Show by Test Plan

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## Show your test results by Test Plan

Test Result Test Plan

Show by test plan changes the view of the [Results] tab a bit. Instead of the name of each scenario, it will display the test plan name at the left as well as how many of the scenarios passed and failed.

ALL of the execution environments that are being run in the test plan will be displayed under the execution environment.

Much like viewing by scenarios, test plans will also display at the right when they were started, finished, and the duration they took.

You can click on an individual test plan to bring up a new screen that will allow you to view the execution environments.


Clicking on an execution environment will show every scenario that was run in that execution environment along with other valuable information.

Click on an execution environment to view all scenarios that have been run in that execution environment and other useful information.
It is also possible to filter out failed scenarios, scenarios requiring Review required, and scenarios with internal error.

You can click on a individual scenario to see the details of each step for that test result.

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