The basics of assertions
  • 01 Jun 2022
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The basics of assertions

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Article Summary

1. How to add an assertion step

You can add assertions by clicking the checkbox icon during recording.

There are two main types of assertions, and the way to add them differs as follows:

Assertions for elements in a page
Assertions for a page
To add an assertion for an element on a page, click the checkbox icon, mouse over the element on the page, and click on any grayed-out element you want to validate to see a list of assertion commands.

Select the appropriate command and click the Add button.

The assertion commands displayed will vary depending on the target element.

To make an assertion for an entire page, click the checkbox icon and then click the "Assert against page" button, which will display a list of assertion commands.

Select the appropriate command and click the Add button. This will add the assertion step.

2. How to add operation steps such as "click" and "input text"

Operations such as "click" and "input text" will be automatically recorded as steps without any special attention when recording is enabled (red circle of Autify Recorder is blinking).

In all cases, the following verifications are required before performing the operation.

  • The target element must exist.
    The target element must be in a state where it can be manipulated.
  • Therefore, before clicking or entering text

Therefore, there is no need to add assertions to confirm that the element exists or is displayed before clicking or entering text.

3. Validation of SPA and other pages with asynchronous communication

All Autify assertions are designed to keep searching for a certain amount of time if the target element is not present on the page. Therefore, even if a page has asynchronous communication, it can be verified within a certain period of time without using [Sleep step].

By default, the time to continue the search is set to 30 seconds.

If you find that this process often takes more than 30 seconds, please contact our support team.

If only a few pages or processes take more than 30 seconds, please insert a wait step before the validation step to extend the wait time.

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