Release Notes - January 25th, 2022
  • 31 Mar 2022
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Release Notes - January 25th, 2022

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1.1. Run Now on Mobile Emulator📱

You can run mobile-sized Test Scenarios (375x812) on an iPhone X mobile emulator by clicking [Run Now]! Previously, you had to prepare a Test Plan before running Test Scenarios on a mobile emulator. With this improvement, this is no longer required in most cases😄

Run Now on Mobile Emulator

If a Test Scenario's window size is a PC-sized screen (1280x1024 or 1600x1200), it will continue to be run on a PC-sized Chrome/Linux.

1.2. Autify’s official GitHub Actions and Circle CL Orb Are Released🔮

We have some great news for those who wish to integrate Autify tests into their CL pipeline. Autify’s official GitHub Actions and Circle CL Orb have been released, making it even easier to incorporate Autify tests into your pipeline!

Both are available for Autify for Web and Autify for Mobile.

1.2.1. GitHub Actions

Autify’s GitHub Actions can be found on GitHub Marketplace.

1.2.2. Circle CI Orb

Autify’s Orbs can be found on Circle CL’s Orb library.

2. Other Updates ✨

  • Fixed an issue where tests would not run properly if Safari asks for notification permissions. To resolve this issue, if notification permissions are requested while running a test in Safari, notifications will be allowed automatically.
  • Application performance has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where template literals could not be used in [JS Steps].
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, the number of test runs is underreported.
  • When copying and pasting a [Specify File] step, which allows you to upload files, we have fixed an issue where files to be uploaded cannot be changed until the [Test Scenario] is saved. Also, when files are changed in the [Specify File] step, the change used to be immediately saved. We have changed this so that it's not saved until you click [Save], which is the case for other editing operations.

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