• 07 May 2024
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A trigger is a way for you to automatically kick off a test plan. Click the [Edit] button above the triggers section.

Creating a trigger is as simple as designating the repeating unit* and the start time.
*If the repeating unit is 'week', the day of the week must also be designated.

Please note that your timezone is shown in the parentheses; your scheduled tests will run according to this timezone.

Screen Recording 2022-07-13 at 21.02.54.gif

Once you are finished you can click create, and your trigger will be ready.

Note that during the creation/correction of [Test Plans] or [Scenarios], it is recommended to use Autify Cloud environment that has a high execution speed. Also in the external device farm environment, it is recommended that regular execution is set to non-business hours.

If you want to temporarily disable a scheduled execution

You can turn it OFF from the test plan screen by using its toggle.

You can always turn it ON again easily in the same fashion.

If the test plan was not executed as scheduled

If the test plan was not executed as scheduled, it's possible that all available parallel execution slots were being used to run other tests. In this case, the test will be executed once a slot becomes available.

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