Reviewing and Editing your Scenario
  • 09 May 2024
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Reviewing and Editing your Scenario

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Scenario Details Page

Once a scenario has been successfully saved, the actions performed during recording are displayed on the Scenario Details Page as a series of steps. You can review and edit the scenario from this page.

The Scenario Detail Page shows the scenario title, the conditions when it was last recorded, and the total steps, with the step number shown in the upper left corner of each step. A summary of the performed action is also displayed below the steps. In most cases, a screenshot is displayed so you can see the content of the step at a glance.

Next to the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen, there is a three vertical dots button. Click on it and you will see the following options:


Show test history

Displays all the results of this scenario. It's useful for comparing test results and seeing differences.

Show related test plans

Displays all test plans that include this scenario.


Duplicates the scenario.


Deletes the scenario.

⚠︎ Once a scenario is deleted, it cannot be restored.

Step Details

Click on a step to view the step details. Below are the details of an assertion step.

en_step details.png

Step Name and Memo

Each step has a step name and a memo field where you can enter a description of the step. Entering a step name and memo will be reflected in the step.


This section shows the type of action performed in the step.

In the case of an assertion step, you can select the assertion command in the command section, which allows you to change what should be asserted without re-recording.

When this step fails

Specify what should happen to the test if this step fails. From the drop-down menu, you can choose from the following three options:
en_whenthistep fails.png


If the step fails, the test is terminated and the entire test is treated as failed. This option is selected by default.

Mark this step as failed and continue

The test continues even if the step fails. Once the test run is finished, the entire test is treated as failed. This option is useful when you want to proceed with subsequent steps, even if a step fails.

Ignore and continue

Steps with this option are treated as a pass even if they fail.

Text to assign

Input Steps and Assertions that require an input value have a section where you can specify the value:



To change the input value, specify it in the “Given value” field if it's an Input Step or the "Value" field if it's an Assertion Step. You can also select the following input values by clicking the "Given value" dropdown.

Given value

The text entered in this field will be used during test runs.


If you imported data from a CSV in the “Data” tab at the top of the Scenario Page, you can assign data to this step.
Please see this document for more information on the Data feature.

Email address

You can select an email address that you created in advance from the dropdown.
Please see this document for more information on the Email Testing feature.

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