User Roles
  • 14 Mar 2024
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User Roles

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⚠︎ User roles are available on particular plans. For details, please confirm this page.


User Roles feature lets you assign specific roles to users in a workspace and restricts what they can do in the workspace. There are two types of roles available, Workspace Manager and Editor.

Editors have basic privileges to create, run, and edit tests. Workspace Managers have access to all Workspace and Organization settings in addition to what editors can do, including managing users, setting up notifications, and advanced settings for test executions such as basic authentication settings, etc.

There must be a minimum of one Workspace Manager per workspace, but there are no other restrictions on role assignments. Use different assignments for Workspace Managers and Editors depending on the composition of your organization's members.

The operations that can be performed by users in each role are as follows:

MenuWorkspace ManagerEditor
Scenarios✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
Step Groups✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
Test Results✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
Test Plans✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
- Execution environments
- Triggers
- Test scenarios
- URL replacements

⛔ No access
- Slack notification
- Email notification
Usage Report✅ View✅ View
User Settings✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
Workspace Settings✅ View and Edit✅ View and Edit
- Email Addresses for testing
- Javascript Snippets

✅ View
- Outbound IP addresses from Autify

⛔ No access
- Workspace Name Input
- Slack notification
- Email notification
- Webhooks
- Custom Host Name
- Parallel test execution
- Autify Connect
- Basic auth config
- Members
- Pending invitations
Organization Settings✅ View and Edit⛔ No access

How to assign roles

Roles for users can be assigned as Workspace Roles in the Workspace Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Workspace Settings page
  2. Find Workspace Users section under Basic auth credentials
  3. Select the role of the user whose Workspace Role you wish to change.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 18.01.52.png


Only Workspace Managers can change the roles of other users. In addition, please note that you cannot change your own role.

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 18.02.25.png

Things to note

  • There must be at least one Workspace Manager in a workspace.
  • All users who have already signed up prior to the release of the User Role feature will be Workspace Managers. Please change roles as needed.
  • The new role of users invited after the User Role feature is released will default to Editor. After they sign up, change their permissions as needed.

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