Release of December 7th 2021
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Release of December 7th 2021

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Released features🚀

Many real mobile environments are added

As we announced in a previous release, we have added several mobile device environments, which you can specify as the test execution environment for Test Plans. Environments include iPhone 12 series and Galaxy devices, the details of which are shown in the screenshots below.

Please get in touch if your plan does not include real mobile environments and would like to take this opportunity to run tests on real mobile devices! 📱



[Projects] have become [Workspaces]

What was previously known as [Projects] are now called [Workspaces].

This change can be seen on the Settings page, for example.

Adding [Workspaces] requires a separate contract. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Flash messages shown on Autify have been improved

We have made improvements such as:

  • Messages, such as those that inform you that an update was successful, will now be automatically hidden after a few seconds.
  • If there are multiple messages with the same content, the message that is already displayed will be updated.
  • No more than two messages will be displayed at any given time.

These are minor improvements, but we are continuing to make Autify even better!✨

Other Updates ✨

  • In [Test Plans], [URL Replacement] settings now apply to JS Step contents as well.
  • We have improved Autify’s behavior after signing in when a session has expired.
    • Previously, it would always redirect you to the Workspace’s top page, but now you will be redirected to the page you were trying to access.

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