Setting Up Autify
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Setting Up Autify

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Setting Up Your Environment

  1. Please read the system requirements and make sure that your environment meets them.
  1. Launch the Chrome browser and create a user to use Autify. (To avoid being affect by other Chrome extensions and settings)
    First, select [People] -> [Add Person...] from Chrome menu.
    Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 6.57.30 PM

The Chrome user will then be created and a new window will launch.

In the Chrome menu, select [Users] -> [Edit...]. you can edit the user name. It is recommended that you give the user a name that is easy to recognize as an Autify user. (ex. Autify user)

For more information on how to create a Chrome user, please refer to the Google Chrome Help.

The following steps should be performed with the user you created here.

  1. After you have created your profile, to record a Scenario on Autify, you will need the Chrome extension Autify Recorder. Please download it from Chrome Web Store.

  2. Input chrome://extensions on the address bar to access the list of extensions. Make sure that you see Autify Recorder on the page.

  3. From the preference screen of Autify recorder, enable [Allow in incognito]. Incognito mode is required when recording.

  4. If the Autify Recorder is disabled when you start recording, a warning message will be displayed. This is the same warning as when the Recorder is not installed.

Open the Preference screen and enable Autify Recorder.

*Preference screen will appear when you click on the Autify Recorder icon on the taskbar and click [Manage extensions].

  1. Delete some apps that could affect Autify's functionality from your Chrome browser.

Access chrome://apps from your address bar, then right-click (Usually Ctrl + click on Mac) on YouTube app, then select [Remove from Chrome...] displayed on the context menu.

What's Next
Changing your password will log you out immediately. Use the new password to log back in.
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