Requirements for Autify Connect
  • 22 Aug 2022
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Requirements for Autify Connect

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What you will need to run tests using Autify Connect

To run Autify tests against your private apps using Autify Connect, you need to have the following environments prepared. Each of these environments can be on separate servers or PCs, or one machine can take care of everything.

Environment Description
Recording Environment This is where you record your tests with Autify Recorder. You can record your tests on your local application in the same way as you do against a public web application accessible from the internet, and note that your data will need to be sent to Autify via the Internet during recording
Machine with Autify Connect Client installed This serves as a gateway between Autify and the application under test, which allows Autify to access your application through Autify Connect Client. This can be either a server or a PC, and even the same machine as the Recording environment as long as Autify Connect Client is installed and running when you want to run your tests. Autify Connect Client will communicate with Autify Connect Server on Autify to establish a secure tunnel
Private web application under test This is the target application you want to test from Autify, it does not need to be accessible from the Internet

Let's take a look at the requirements for each environment.

Requirements for your Recording Environment

  • Latest Chrome browser with Autify Recorder installed
  • Outbound Internet connectivity (Specifically, towards
    • This is required to upload assets to Autify while recording
  • Access to the application under test

Requirements for your system to install Autify Connect Client

  • Autify Connect Client installed
    • Autify Connect Client is available for the following platforms:
      • Linux (i386 32bit/x86-64 64bit/Arm 64bit)
      • MacOS (x86-64 64bit/Arm 64bit)
      • Windows (x86 32bit/x86-64 64bit/Arm 64bit)
  • Outbound Internet connectivity (Specifically, towards and *
    • This is required to initiate establishing a WebSocket connection with Autify
  • Access to the local application under test

Network requirements

No From To Port What is this for?
1 Recording environment 443 For Recorder to save assets on Autify servers
2 Recording Environment Local application under test It depends on the target applications - typically, 443 (https) For Recorder to record the interaction with your target app
3 System with Autify Connect Client installed
443 To establish a connection with Autify Connect Server to broker test execution requests
4 System with Autify Connect Client installed Local application under test It depends on the target applications - typically, 443 (https) For Autify to make a request to the target app through the tunnel

Looks good? Then let's proceed with the setup!

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